Holiday Travel During the Pandemic


Haper D.

Traveling during the pandemic for the holiday season, will be different this year.

Harper D., Contributing Writer

 2020 makes traveling over the holiday’s is going to be a challenge with travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19.

People have varying opinions about why you should and should not travel with the virus taking its course. Many believe that it poses a health threat to travel and just as many think that it doesn’t make a difference at all. 

“We are going to stay in Georgia for the holidays this year. We would normally go up to Canada to see mine and my husband’s family but the borders are closed, so we don’t have a choice to go even if we wanted to.” Annette MacEachern said. According to, The borders to Canada as of now, are still closed and will remain closed until at least November twenty-first. Annette before the coronavirus hit would go up to Canada at least once a year but sadly this time it’s not an option. 

Where Americans can travel this holiday season is up to the country they are trying to visit. The European Union updated its list of citizens that will be allowed to travel to Europe and the United States is not on the list. According to 60% of people, this year won’t travel over the winter holidays. “We travel to Hickory, NC, to see my husband’s family for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. They travel to us for the other holiday.” Mrs. Lori Cuppari said. 

 PR released  an article stating In 2019, 68% of Americans traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday. This season only 49% of Americans plan to travel at all. Of the 49%, their reasons for not traveling this holiday season had to with COVID-19.  “I will not be traveling during the holiday season this year, I don’t normally travel over Christmas.” Kristen Byrnd said. Kristen’s favorite Christmas movie is Elf so even if she doesn’t travel she can spend that time watching her favorite movie. lists 15.2% of residents in Peachtree City are employed by Air Transportation company. Aircraft and traffic control occupations were the most common in 2000. Despite the availability of taking off to familiar or unfamiliar places to spend the holiday season, it is quite unusual to find so many are staying grounded this holiday season. 

“I do have my kids and grandkids here though, so I can still celebrate the holidays with family.” Annette MacEachern said.