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2 is better than 4

JC Booth Streamlines Teams to Enhance Collaboration and Accessible Scheduling.
Caroline Demmel
2 is better than 4 JC Booth Moves from 4 teams to 2 to enhance collaboration and accessible scheduling.

As JC Booth expands and courses are added, going from 4 teams to 2 teams accommodated the growth. 

JC Booth students and teachers return to Booth in the 22-23 school year to find the teams were changed from 4 to 2.  “The purpose of having teams is so that in middle school you kind of have that bridge from, you know, elementary where you may have had one teacher to high school where you have different teachers all over the building. So having teams allows us teachers all to kind of collaborate and work together to help their students,” Alison Ivey, current Assistant Principal/ILT said. 

In the 21-22 school year, administrators created a pilot program with 8th-grade to test the 2-team system. Kayla Seabolt, the Assistant Principal/ILT at the time, needed a system to make scheduling more manageable. “I think we’re liking the two teams because we tried it with one grade level, and then we expanded it to the whole school.” The intent was to prevent students from being enrolled in classes on more than one team.So I think that it makes it to where the schedules work out for students, so they don’t…have English on this team and then go to math on another team.” Julianna Frisch, 6th grade English teacher, said. 

So by being able to have bigger teams, we can still give you guys the middle school feel

— Alison Ivey AP/ILT

”…it really helps with scheduling. Having an eight-person team or maybe a seven-person team gives a lot more freedom with being able to schedule students for classes.” Kimberly Fisher, 7th-grade math teacher, said. Some new courses that are added are normal, advanced, and accelerated math in 6th and 7th grade. In 8th grade, they have two high-school-level math classes and one normal math class. With two teams, there is a high-school-level math on each team. If there were 4 teams, then only one-half of the 8th graders would have access to the High School level math class. “Yeah, so the more things that you add, and the more specific you get, the harder it is to schedule with only 4 teachers,” Ms. Seabolt said.

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Some students may not know that in the old building, there were pods, which accommodate smaller teams. As the student body grew and more classes were added, the pod system was no longer efficient. Some students had to walk a distance from their teams to get to their lockers. In this building, with the long span of hallways, “It allowed students to be like closer to their locker areas because you have a larger team. And so you have a larger segment of lockers and can have everybody on the team have a locker that is right there near a team teacher.” Kimberly Fisher, 7th grade math teacher, said

“When we only have four teachers on a team, you might get locked into the exact same classes with the exact same people all day. So by being able to have bigger teams, we can still give you guys the middle school. feel of being able to switch classes and be with different people throughout the day. But still get you all the course offerings that you need,” Assistant Administrator/ILT said.

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Caroline Demmel, Writer
I like playing basketball and I have played the piano for six years. Because of my love of writing, I joined the JC Booth Middle School online newspaper as a sixth grader.

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    Shannon RoggowNov 2, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    Great job Caroline. Your article was very well written and informative! Grandma Shannon