After 26 years, the Atlanta Braves win the title of World Series Champions.


Rebecca Taylor

In the third game of the World Series, fans at Truist Park celebrate the Atlanta Braves’ win.

Leah Shaver, Staff Writer

After playing six games, the Atlanta Braves defeated the Houston Astros on November 2, 2021, in Houston, winning the title of 2021 World Series champions.

On October 26, 2021, the Atlanta Braves played in the first game of the World Series, making their first appearance since 1999. A team has to qualify for the postseason to make it to the World Series, just as the Braves did. In their postseason, they first played five games against the Milwaukee Brewers, and after winning that series of games, they moved on to defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers after six games. They went on

to the World Series to defeat the Houston Astros, the favored team to win. Mike Plant, president of the Braves Development Company, explained that they lost some of their best players, including Ronald Acuña Jr, Marcell Ozuna, and Mike Soroka. Following those setbacks, the general manager of the Braves, Alex Anthopoulos, added new starters in replacement that had perseverance and were ready to overcome the obstacles that would be thrown at them. That made the team more supportive of each other and made them want to win for one another.

You win the World Series championship. Life is pretty good. It’s what it’s all about.

— Mike Plant

One of the many people that helped make this World Series win possible is Mike Plant. “So, I am the president and CEO of development for the Atlanta Braves. And my main responsibility is to oversee all the real estate, all of our development, that includes Truist Park, and all the different I call them assets, but the office buildings, the apartments, all the retail restaurants, the Roxy Theater, everything on that 60-acre campus falls under my responsibility.” Mike Plant has a significant position for the Braves, and the top position for the Braves Development Company, one of the 45 companies under the Braves structure.

A big difference that helped bring this World Series win alive was that fans were allowed back in the stadiums. Last year, due to Covid, all the games were played with the only spectators being the players, managers, e.t.c in the dugout. “So last year the games were played in front of about eight of us, and it was a strange experience…” Mike Plant said. 

There were many injuries among their starting lineup. For some time, this worried the players. However, when the new players came on, their outstanding performances showed that they weren’t going to give up. “But fortunately, two weeks later, Alex started bringing on Soler, Eddie, and Joc Pederson, and started filling some of those holes… And I think that showed a sign to our Clubhouse that we’re not giving up, we’re going to try to make a run at this…I don’t, I don’t see a lot of stress in our clubhouse with these guys.” Mike Plant said.

Seeing the Braves make it to the World Series was huge for the fans of Atlanta. Both the atmosphere of the game and the sensation of winning were terrific for young and old Braves fans alike. Kennedi Taylor, a 6th-grade student at JC Booth Middle School, attended game three of the World Series, one of the two home games for the Braves. “The game atmosphere was pretty crazy; there was a lot going on, and overall it was fun seeing everything that was happening,” Kennedi said.

Not only did becoming champions mean the world to dedicated fans, but winning the World Series for Atlanta also meant a lot to the team themselves. “We have this six-state area we call Braves country, from North Carolina all the way to Mississippi. There’s no real competition within the baseball space. Look at Chicago, look at New York, look at Los Angeles. There’s multiple teams there. They’re divided between territories as far as are you a Yankees fan, Mets fan, and it’s based on how you know how you grew up for generations. And there’s just a lot of competition which we don’t have. And so winning this championship for the Atlanta metro area, the region, the state where our fans just come in droves, it was important, that was important to us.” Mike Plant said. The team may mean a lot to the fans, but the fans mean just as much to the Braves.

“And so inside their locker rooms, when players want to win for each other, and they learn how to really support each other. That’s a great recipe for winning. And obviously, we showed the world that winning the World Series championship, it all worked,” Mike Plant said.

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