Meet the Pump-King


Compliments of Dogo News

This 2,560-pound pumpkin broke the record for America’s Biggest pumpkin at the Half Moon Bay Competition in California.

On October 10, 2022, the crowd roars as a pumpkin is weighed to see a new American record broken. This 2,560-pound pumpkin broke the record for America’s heaviest pumpkin at the Half Moon Bay Competition in California. Travis Gienger, the winner of the competition, was a horticultural teacher who had decided to plant a pumpkin seed. He carefully nurtured and cared for it for six months like a father. His reward for his hard work was $23,040.

The fun tradition of carving pumpkins began in Ireland and is a tradition for many people. Jack-o-lanterns have now become a symbol of Halloween. The Irish initially used turnips and beets as Jack-o-lanterns. Later, when immigrants came to the U.S., they found pumpkins to be bigger and softer. Since then, carving pumpkins has been a Halloween custom.

It was an 8th-grade custom at J.C. Booth to carve and blow up pumpkins. This was an engaging science lesson. 8th-grade teacher Dr. Lanman said, “It’s for kids to learn about reactions, one of which is combustion, things go boom, that’s why we do it. Plus it is a ton of fun.” This school year, carving and blowing up pumpkins will not take place. “A student got hurt last year, and I didn’t like the liability,” said Mrs. Troutman, the principal.

Since pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, the staff at J.C. Booth had a pumpkin carving contest. Eleven pumpkins were displayed in the cafeteria, and students voted for the best-decorated one. Mrs. Angela Rush won with her beautifully detailed pumpkin with a witch’s hat, legs, and warts. She didn’t carve her pumpkin, but some students carved pumpkins at their homes and sent in pictures. “I knew it would win the family competition, we do it every year. My most favorite was the one I made this year,” 7th-grader Andrew Hammock said.