Zooming in on Kendall K.


Mindi King

Kendall K. and her horse Goose, compete in Hunters Equitation competition.

Kendall K. with Goose at a Horse Show
Kendall K. with her horse Goose at a Hunters Equitation competition. Photo by Mindi King

 JC Booth 7th grader Kendall King is a horseback rider and is a part of the Windy Oak Farms Equitation team in Fayetteville Georgia for the last 3 1/2 years. 

It has been Kendall’s childhood dream to ride horses. She first pursued her dream by going to a summer camp at Windy Oak Farms to learn more and start riding.

“We actually do national rated shows,” Kendall said. The competition she participates in is Hunters Equitation. Hunters competition judges the horse and not the rider. The horse’s appearance, behavior, and how it reacts to the rider are the items that the judges look at. Hunters Competition is not the same as Equitation, which judges the rider, how he/she looks, how they behave, and how they react to the horse’s movements.

Kendall’s passion for riding horses has been reflected in her room decor.  “Like my whole room was themed after horses, it still is,” Kendall said. Not having a room update might be a big deal to some, but to Kendall, being surrounded by horses, even at home keeps her profound passion close to her heart.

Goose, a Dutch Warmblood horse is Kendall’s Equitation partner. Photo by Kendall K.

Kendall has a Dutch Warmblood horse named Goose. He has given her,  “…experience, confidence, trust, responsibility, and companionship.” Kendall said. Studies show that riders gain more self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-image. Goose has helped Kendall gain a new perspective on her everyday life. 

The British Horse Society concluded that riding horses stimulates positive psychological feelings for the riders, and reduces the chances of them experiencing depression by 30%.  “In addition to improving our physical health and giving us more energy, being active can also improve our mood, reduce stress and anxiety.”

From the first tiny leap to jumping four feet in the air, she still has one wholehearted opinion about horseback riding. “It pushes you to your limits.“ Kendall said.