Dr. Lanman’s Departure


Courtesy to The U.S Department of Energy

Leaving Booth after many years of teaching is a huge change, not only for Dr. Lanman but also for her family.

Caroline Moses, Contributor

Dr. Kathie Lanman, a STEM science teacher at JC Booth Middle School, retired after 24 years on January 19, 2023, to work for the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, that was the main reason why she chose to pack up her classroom and her precious paintings and retire.

Her contributions to Booth Middle School and, especially, the STEM program were anything but little. “She was the one who came up with all the crazy ideas,” said Mr. Bingle, the STEM teacher at Booth. “She was very creative with her ideas, and her integration of science, and engineering within our projects.” Many of Dr. Lanman’s students competed in the Invention Convention held at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, Georgia. Under her instruction and guidance, students won various awards, including patents.  Her own love for STEM transferred to her students.

Leaving Booth after many years of teaching is a huge change, not only for Dr. Lanman but also for her family. It’s a confusing feeling for her family, but they will continue to support her through this new chapter of her life. “I think they’re kind of not really sure what to think about it like they’re happy for me, obviously. But also, I mean, I’ve been teaching for 30 years, so it’s like a big change to that’s not my job anymore. It’s It’s very weird feeling.” stated Dr. Lanamn.

With Dr. Lanman’s extensive knowledge in Invention and Innovation, and her internship as an Albert Einstein Fellow, she was offered a job that would help her share knowledge and influence innovation education around the U.S. She will work electronically in her new role, enabling her to travel to Iowa to visit her sick Mother. “Yeah, I’m going to be working as an educational specialist for the United States Patent and Trademark Office,” said Dr. Lanman. “The office is actually located in Virginia, but I’ll be working virtually from here. And my job is going to be to try to promote entrepreneurship and innovation education to all parts of the country.”

Dr. Lanamn’s new job will be very different from the one she had at Booth. Since she will be working virtually, her job will be more relaxed than a teacher’s. On the other hand, she will be very secluded since she isn’t working face-to-face, and it may be challenging for her to connect with coworkers virtually.

“It’ll be easier to only think about making decisions for myself, which is good, but also I’ll be very alone and isolated while I’m doing it. So, you know, I’ll miss being around here at Booth.”

“I’ve had a lot of really wonderful experiences here at Booth. I’ve taught everything from sixth grade, seventh grade to eighth grade. I’ve taught connections. I’ve taught science, reading, drama, I’ve taught it all, and it’s been a wonderful experience for me.” said Dr. Lanamn. Although she will be leaving Booth, her impact on the STEM program at JC Booth and Fayette County Schools will not change; her legacy will live on.