Christopher C.

Residents of Peachtree City took advantage of the 100 plus miles of golf cart trails during the COVID-19 restriction.

Christopher C. and Noah W., Contributing Writers

 During  COVID-19 quarantine which began on March 12th, there were many people using the golf cart paths in Peachtree City, Georgia. 

 Golf carts were primarily used for recreation as a way to fight the feeling of isolation and boredom.  

 3 Guys Golf Carts, a vendor in Peachtree City said ” Our sales have been very good over COVID-19.” Peachtree City residents were taking advantage of the 100 plus miles of golf cart paths. Families were upgrading golf carts and making new purchases.

According to the vendor at 3 Guys Golf Carts, the top-selling golf carts are “Easy Go, Stars, and Club Car.” Of the 36,308 residents in Peachtree City, over 10,000 households own golf carts. With so many people owning golf carts, golf cart safety is one of the main issues in Peachtree City.

The fire department is one of the first responders to any accident in Peachtree City. Chief Campbell, with the Peachtree City fire department, when asked why a good deal of golf cart accidents happen, said “same reasons car accidents are usually caused by distracted driving, going too fast for conditions like coming around blind curves or going down hills, steep hills too fast on wet conditions or get a lot of those on those bad hills over by the high school. People just drive it too fast for the conditions.”  

 Chief Campbell says the rate of golf cart accidents is 4 times higher during the school year.  Most people do not wear their seatbelt on the golf cart, and it is not a law.

 The law allows teenagers 16 or older to drive golf carts, but if 15-year-olds have a valid learner’s permit, they are allowed to drive a golf cart. Many accidents happen in teens due to the lack of experience driving a golf cart. “Teenage drivers are probably the most common we get with driving too fast for conditions and driving too fast period. Anything from 15 through 19-year-olds.”