How to Keep Your Grades Up

How to Keep Your Grades Up

Grades. Grades are what can describe you, and lead you to the path you take in life. Everyone gets bad grades at least once in their life. You may not understand why you get a bad grade, especially if you studied for the assessment. Once you look at your assessment and see the wrong answer, you just can’t believe you missed that question. There are many different ways to keep your grades up. Sleep and memory tricks help to get good grades. Knowing your material, being awake, and have a working mind also helps.

“The best thing you could do is always, always, always turn your work in, turn in work that is good in, and turn work in on time,” says Mrs.Edinger the 8B science teacher. If you turn work that is complete and on time, these are the steps to maintain your grades at a passing level.

Ms.Whiteman, the 6th-grade counselor, states, “To ask for help when you need it and not be afraid to ask for help and advocate.” In other words, If you don’t understand your homework or what you are learning in class, always seek help to understand the subject matter.

Mrs.Hulse, the 8A math teacher says “So for math, it’s important to do homework because homework is your practice for the test. It’s like sports if you don’t practice you aren’t going to be successful.” If you don’t practice what you learn then you’ll never understand it enough to be successful at it.

Everybody gets bad grades once in their life. Some steps like turning your work in on time and seeking help when you need it can help you maintain a passing grade. Doing your homework and practicing your learning material can also help put you on a successful path.

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